Curitiba International Biennial 2013

Aaron Koblin

Born in Santa Monica, CA., USA, 1982, currently lives in San Francisco, CA., USA. A visual information innovator, Koblin is director of the creation team at Google.

Adalberto Müller

Adalberto Müller (Ponta Porã, Brazil, 1966) formerly a professor of literature at UFPR, and cinema at UTP. Currently, a professor of Literary Theory and Cinema, UFF.



Adan Vallecillo

Danlí, Honduras, 1977, lives and works between Tegucigalpa and Lima. Among his main exhibitions are: Eccépolis, Room Miro Quesada...

Ademir Demarchi

Ademir Demarchi (Maringá, Brazil, 1960). Poetry editor at Babel magazine. Published his poetry collection in Pirão de Sereia (Realejo, 2012).

Adriano Costa

Adriano Costa was born in 1975, in São Paulo, the city where he lives and works. Participated in numerous collective exhibitions, including...

Afonso José Afonso | AJAX

Afonso José Afonso | AJAX (Curitiba, Brazil, 1969) is a plastic artist, performer, visual arts producer...

Ai Weiwei

Beijing, China, 1957; lives in Beijing. One of the most outstanding artists active in the world, Ai Weiwei works with different artistic languages...

Alejandra Mastro

Born in Buenos Aires, Alejandra Mastro is a painter, designer, sculptress and photographer. She received two honors from the French Artist Salon...

Alexandre França

Alexandre França (Curitiba, Brazil, 1982) is a poet, playwright, musician, and composer. Author of poetry books Mata-Borrão, Batom...

Alice Ruiz

Alice Ruiz (Curitiba, Brazil, 1946) is a poet, haikai writer, translator and lyricist. Began writing short stories at the age of nine and poetry...

Amarildo Anzolin

Amarildo Anzolin (Curitiba, Brazil, 1970) is a poet, composer, screenwriter, performer, broadcaster and text-editor.

Andre Butzer

Born in 1973, lives in Rangsdorf and Samerberg, Germany. Some of his major exhibitions are: Kunstverein Heilbronn, Germany (2004)...

Andréia Carvalho

Andréia Carvalho (Ponta Grossa, Brazil, 1973) is the author of the books A cortesã do infinito transparente (Lumme, 2011) and Camafeu Escarlate (Lumme, 2012).

Andy Hope 1930

Andy Hope 1930 lives and works in Berlin, Germany. His work has been exhibited, among others, at kestnergesellschaft, Hannover (2012)...

Angelo Luz

Born in 1982, lives and works in Curitiba, Brazil. Some of his major exhibitions are: Frankfurter Buchmesse...

Anísio Garcez

Anísio Garcez Homem (Florianópolis, Brazil, 1961). Bookseller in Florianopolis for a few years.

Annika Kahrs

Born in 1984, lives and works in Hamburg, Germany. Major institutional exhibitions include: "Fail Better" Hamburger Kunsthalle...

Ann-Sofi Sidén

Stockholm, Sweden, 1962. Lives in Stockholm. Has an extensive work, often difficult to classify in specific genres. Participated in...

Antoni Abad

Born in Leiden, Spain, in 1956, lives in Barcelona. Catalan video-artist, with a postgraduate degree in History of Art from the University of Barcelona...

Armando Queiróz

Belém, Brazil, 1968. Lives in Belém. Works exhibitions since 1993; participated in various collective and private exhibitions in Brazil and abroad.

Arne Quinze

Bélgica, 1971. Vive na Bélgica e China. Obras suas podem ser vistas em Bruxelas, Paris, Shangai e Rotterdam. Sua peça mais recente foi...

Arturo Carrera

Born in Pringles, Argentina (1948). Translated texts by Agamben, Haroldo de Campos, Pasolini, Mallarmé...

Baldomero Robles Menéndez

Zapotec Indian, born in Oaxaca, Mexico in 1979. He began his education as a photographer at the Center of Arts in San Agustín, Etla - his hometown.

Bárbara Lia

Bárbara Lia (Assaí, Brazil, 1955) is a poet and writer. Published eight books (poetry and novel). Received the SESC...

Béatrice Steimer

Béatrice Steimer born and works in Frankfurt Germany,major exhibitions include Kunstverein (Frankfurt 2011)...

Bella Flor Canche Teh

Mayan Indian, born in 1979 in Yucatan, Mexico. Combines her passion for photography with the practice of teaching, disseminating his native language...

Bianca Lafroy

Bianca Lafroy (Curitiba, Brazil, 1985) is a poet, fiction writer and a sex professional (transvestite) on the streets of Curitiba.

Bicicletaria Cultural

The Bicicletaria Cultural is organized by Patricia Valverde and Fernando Rosenbaum. Patricia Valverde (Tissa).

Bonnie Camplin

Bonnie Camplin (b. 1970, United Kingdom), is a London based artist, para-theatrical producer, director, dancer and performer of experimental club nights.

Bruno Costa

Bruno Costa (Curitiba, Brazil, 1983) has a degree in Cinema from the School of Arts in Paraná and works with direction of audiovisuals since 2005.

Caio Reisewitz

São Paulo, Brazil, 1967. Lives in São Paulo. In the early 1990s, travels to Germany and attends the School of Arts in Darmstadt.

Camila Vardarac

Camila Vardarac (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 1987) studied cinema, drama and palindromic eulogy (applied to the apomictic table).

Cao Guimarães

Belo Horizonte, Brazil, 1965. Lives in Belo Horizonte. Has works in collections such as the Cartier Foundation, Paris, Guggenheim, New York...

Carlos Careqa

Carlos Careqa (Lauro Müller, Brazil, 1961) is a Brazilian singer and composer, known in the underground scene of São Paulo. Launched...

Carlos Trilnick

Born in 1957, in Rosario, Argentina. Artist specializing in video, photography and digital technologies. Professor at the School of Architecture...

Claudia Aravena Abughosh

Lives and works in Santiago, Chile. Visual artist, audiovisual communicator and a Master’s in Cultural Studies. Among her most important exhibitions...

Clemens Krauss

Born in 1979 in Graz. Lives and works in Berlin. Due to Clemens Krauss’ medical-biological

Cleverson Antunes Oliveira

Born in 1972, lives and works in Piraquara (Metropolitan Area of Curitiba), Brazil. His major exhibitions include: Fronteiras: Uma...

Cristiane Bouger

Cristiane Bouger (Curitiba, Brazil, 1977) develops her artistic production on the relationships and fissures between performance, theater...

Coleção Poty Lazarotto

Poty Lazzarotto was an engraver, designer, illustrator, muralist and professor. He made illustrations for magazines...

Dalton Trevisan

Trevisan is the author of more than 40 books, including Vampiro de Curitiba(1965), and famous for refusing to give...

Daniel Duda

Born in Curitiba, a BA in Cinema and Video, and postgraduate studies in History of Modern and Contemporary Art from the School of Fine Arts of Paraná.

David Svensson

Skillingaryd, Sweden, 1973. Lives in Malmö, Sweden. Has outstanding proposals of public artworks established in Swedish cities.

Delson Uchôa

Maceio, Brazil, 1956, lives and works in Maceio, where he began his studies in painting at the Fundação Pierre Chalita in the 1980s.

Dominique Dubosc

Born in 1941 in China, lives and works mainly in Paris, France. Documentary filmmaker since 1968. Has shot about one hundred films in Paraguay...

Dora Longo Bahia

Born in São Paulo, in 1961, a PhD in Visual Poetics from the School of Communications and Arts at the University of São Paulo (USP).

Duniesky Martín

Born in 1983, lives and works in Havana, Cuba. Among his main exhibitions are: Robando base: Cuba al bate, The 8th Floor

Eder Santos

Belo Horizonte, Brazil, 1960. Lives in Belo Horizonte. It is one of the most sought-after video and digital imaging Brazilian artists.

Edson de Vulcanis

Edson de Vulcanis (Curitiba, Brazil, 1957) has a degree in Philosophy (UFPR) and post-graduate studies in School Management (ISEPE).

Edwin Sanchez

Born in Bogota in 1976 where he lives and works. It is an industrial designer and artist. As an artist, performs social chronicles and projects...

Efigênia Rolim

Born in Abre Campo, Brazil, in 1931, lives in Curitiba, Brazil. Sculptress, poet, story-teller and designer. She is known as...

Emerson Pereti

Emerson Pereti (Iomerê, Brazil, 1977) lives in Curitiba since 2006. He is a wordsmith, a proletarian teacher

Erik Bünger

Växjö, Sweden, 1976. Lives in Berlin, Germany. He is an artist, composer and writer. His performances were conducted in Berlin, Copenhagen

Estercilía Simanca Pushaina

Native Wayuu, was born in El Paraiso community in La Guajira, Colombia. Cultural researcher and lawyer. She writes

Estrela Leminski

Estrela Leminski (Curitiba, Brazil, 1981) is a writer and composer. She has musical partnerships with Ceumar, Iara Renno, Alzira Espindola


A collective of artists, E/OU emerged in late 2005 in Curitiba and is currently composed of Claudia Washington, Lúcio de Araújo and Newton Goto.

Fernando José Karl

Fernando José Karl (Joinville, Brazil, 1961) is a writer. During six years he was assistant-editor for the newspaper Nicolau.

Fernando Severo

Caçador, SC, 1957. Lives in Curitiba. Director, screenwriter and editor, makes films since 1979, and is the winner

Fredi Casco

Born in 1967 in Paraguay. Lives and works in Asuncion, Paraguay. Artist and writer, his work was exhibited in Latin America

Giselle Beiguelman

Born in São Paulo, in 1962, where she lives. Giselle Beiguelman is a media artist and university professor.

Greta Benitez

Greta Benitez (Curitiba, Brazil, 1971) released the books Rosas Embutidas (1999) and Café Expresso Blackbird (Landy, 2006). Has been published

Gunilla Klingberg

Stockholm, Sweden, in 1966, where she lives. Produced permanent works for different Swedish public spaces such as the underground station

Gustavo Romano

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, lives and works in Madrid, Spain. Developed different resources and practices, such as the art of action, net art...

Hamilton Faria

Hamilton Faria (Curitiba, Brazil, 1948) published books and anthologies with major Brazilian publishers and participated in national and international collections.

Heinz Mack

Lollar, Germany, 1931. Lives in Möglendbach, Germany. Has contributed for the visual (and humanistic) renovation of many European cities.

Helena Kolody

Helena Kolody (Cruz Machado, Brazil, 1912 - Curitiba, Brazil, 2004) was a poet and teacher. As a child, studied piano, painting...

Homero Gomes

Homero Gomes (Curitiba, Brazil, 1978) is a writer. Author of the Sísifo Desatento (tales), Tempo do Corpo (novel) and Solidão de Caronte (poems).

Hugo Aveta

Born in Argentina in 1965. Participated in the II Bienal do Mercosul, Bienal del fin del mundo, Argentina; Bienal Photoquai, Paris

Ieke Trinks

Born in 1977, lives and works in Rotterdam, Netherlands. Has presented work in various venues in Europe, South America and Canada

Ivan Justen Santana

Ivan Justen Santana (Curitiba, Brazil, 1973) is a poet, translator, editor and professor, Master’s in Literature from USP (2002)...

James Bridle

Born in London, England. Writer, artist, publicist and technologist. His work covers the cross-roads between literature...

Jason Lujan

Indigenous apache, United States. Interdisciplinary artist whose work shows a combination of elements and methods that are both traditional...

Jill Orr

Born in 1952, Jill Orr lives and works in Melbourne, Australia. Recent major exhibitions include: 80’s Mixed Tape...

Jitish Kallat

Born in 1974 in Mumbai, India. Lives and works in Mumbai Working across a variety of media including painting, sculpture...

João Castilho

João Castilho (b: 1978) Solo shows in Brazl and abroad; group shows in Brazil...

Jonathan Meese

Jonathan Meese, born January 23, 1970 in Tokio. Based in Berlin and Hambourg. He also designs theater sets and wrote and starred

José de Quadros

Born in Barretos (SP), in 1958, studied in Kassel, Germany, 1991, where he lives and works for over 20 years. Has a constant...

Josely Vianna Baptista

Josely Vianna Baptista (Curitiba, Brazil, 1957) is a poet, translator and writer. Among his books: Ar (1991)...

Joseph Ravens

Joseph Ravens (b. 1968) studied at Gerrit Rietveld Academie (Amsterdam), and earned an MFA from The School of the Art Institute...

Juan Burgos

Born in 1963, lives and works in Montevideo, Uruguay. Major exhibitions: 53rd Venice Biennale (2009), I Triennale de Chile (2010)....

Juli Susin

Born in 1966 in Moscau. Lives and works in Montreuil / France and Albisola /Italie. Founder of Silverbridge 2000...

Juliana Stein

Was born in Passo Fundo, in southern Brazil, in 1970. Lived in Italy for two years where she studied art history, drawing and watercolor painting

Katharina Grosse

b.1961 Freiburg/Breisgau, Germany. Lives and works in Berlin, Germany. Through a fusion of painting with architecture...

Kim Fielding

Works as part-time professor at the Academy of Art Howard Gardens (UWIC) in Cardiff, since graduation from the Master's Program...

Laerte Ramos

After entering the Foundation of Armando Alvares Penteado (FAAP) for a course on Plastic Arts in 1997...

Lauro Borges

Born in 1963, lives and works in Curitiba, Brazil. Makes investigations, surveys and guides through Perception Techniques and Corporal Awareness.

Leila Pugnaloni

Born in 1956 in Rio de Janeiro. Lives and works in Curitiba. Studied in the Escola de Belas Artes do Paraná; Escola de Artes Visuais...

Leonarda Glück

Leonarda Glück (Curitiba, Brazil, 1981) is an artist and works with the fusion of languages, such as theater, performance art...

Lindsey Rocha Lagni

Lindsey Rocha Lagni (Curitiba, Brazil, 1977) is a writer and a plastic artist. Published her book...

Louise Bourgeois

Born in Paris, 1911 and passed away in New York, USA, in 2010. Among her main exhibitions, we highlight: Art Institute of Chicago...

Lourival Cuquinha

Born in 1975 and still lives.

Lucas Bambozzi

Born in 1965, is a multimedia artist and lives in São Paulo. His works are constituted by pieces addressing the media in a wide...

Luci Collin

Luci Collin (Curitiba, Brazil, 1964) is a poet, fiction writer, and translator, with more than 10 published books, among them...

Luis Felipe Noé

Born in Buenos Aires in 1933. Attended the studio of Horacio Butler. Lived in Paris and New York. Between 1961 and 1965, participated in

Luiz Henrique Schwanke

Luiz Henrique Schwanke (Joinville, Brazil, 1951 – Joinville, Brazil, 1992) Among his main exhibitions, these stand out: Museu de Arte Moderna...

Luzia Simons

Born in 1953 in Quixadá, CE. Lives and works in Berlin, Germany. The cultural miscegenation leverage her authorial works covering photography...

Maíra Vaz Valente

Brazilian, lives in São Paulo, born in 1981. Participated in the Festival Performance Arte Brasil (Rio de Janeiro, 2011), Trampolim...

Marcelo de Angelis

Marcelo de Angelis (Porto Alegre, Brazil, 1958) holds a degree in Social Communication from UFRGS. Also studied plastic arts and published...

Marcelo Sandmann

Marcelo Sandmann (Curitiba, Brazil, 1963) is a literature professor at the Federal University of Paraná, a composer and poet. Released the CD

Marcone Moreira

Was born in Pio XII, MA, Brazil, 1982. Began his artistic experimentations in the late 1990s and, since then...

Marco Paulo Rolla

Born in São Domingos do Prata, Minas Gerais, 1967. Lives and works in Belo Horizonte. Multimedia artist who works with paintings

Marcos Prado

Marcos Prado (Curitiba, Brazil, 1961 - 1996) was a poet, translator and actor. Author, among others, of books such as O livro dos contrários...

Margit Leisner

Born in Curitiba, 1971. She studied Visual Arts with a focus on Performance Art, at F + F Schule für Kunst und Mediendesign Zurich.

Marília Kubota

Marília Kubota (Paranaguá, Brazil, 1964) is a writer and journalist. Published Selva de Sentidos (2008), Retratos Japoneses no Brasil...

Mario Domingues

Mario Domingues (Curitiba, Brazil, 1973) is a poet, translator and has a Master’s Classic Letters at USP. Is the author of Paisagem Transitória...

Martine Viale

Born in 1968, Martine Viale lives and works in Montreal, Canada. Her work has been presented in numerous performance art festivals...

Max Sudhues

Max Sudhues (1977) was born in Münster (Germany) and works in Berlin. His light installations were on exhibitions in Christian...

Michael Aschauer

Austrian artist, born in 1977, is an unrestrained researcher and freelance technologist. His work focuses on the development...

Michael Mandiberg

Born in Detroit, USA, in 1977. Lives in New York. An interdisciplinary artist, designer and researcher whose work employs each of these methodologies...

Milagros de la Torre

Born in Lima, Peru, in 1965, lives and works in New York. Among his main exhibitions there are two recent anthological exhibitions

Michal Rovner

Israel, 1957. Vive entre Nova York, Estados Unidos, e em uma fazenda em Israel. Entre suas inúmeras exposições está uma retrospectiva de

Milton Marques

Brasilia, 1971. Lives and works in Brasilia, Brazil. Among his exhibitions we find: Situações Brasilia (2012)...

Nina Fischer & Maroan el Sani

Nina Fischer (born 1965) and Maroan el Sani (born 1966) are artists who have collaborated on film

Olia Lialina

Born in 1973, Moscow, Russia. Graduated from the Federal University of Moscow as a journalist, specialized as a film critic.

Paula Levine

Born in New Haven, USA, in 1962. Lives in Vancouver, Canada and San Francisco, USA. She is a visual artist working in a wide variety of...

Paulo Leminski

Paulo Leminski (Curitiba, Brazil, 1944-1989) was a poet, novelist, translator, composer, biographer and essayist - and judo black belt.

Peter Kubelka

Born in Vienna in 1934. Since the 1950s Peter Kubelka has been an influential figure of the international avantgarde of cinema. His Metric Films

Pierre Lapalu

Born in 1985, lives and works in Curitiba, PR, Brazil. Selected for the program of Bolsa Produção para Artes Visuais IV, Fundação Cultural de Curitiba...

Priscila Merizzio

Priscila Merizzio (Curitiba, Brazil) is a unique poet, ventriloquist and born in the Year of Buffalo.

Rachel Goodyear

Nasceu em Oldham, Lancashire, em 1978, e se formou em Belas Artes pela Universidade Metropolitana de Leeds em 2000. Algumas de suas...

Raquel Kogan

Degree as an architect from the School of Architecture at Mackenzie University in 1978, participates in solo and collective exhibitions....

Regina Silveira

Porto Alegre, Brazil, 1939. Lives in São Paulo, Brazil. Produced public art works in Madrid, Taipei, Sao Paulo, Montevideo, San Juan...

René Peña

Born on January 2, 1957 in Havana, Cuba. Studied English and takes photographs since the late 1980s.

Ricardo Pedrosa Alves

Ricardo Pedrosa Alves (Governador Valadares, Brazil, 1970) is a poet and literary critic. Published poetry books Desencantos Mínimos...

Rony Bellinho

Born in Rio de Janeiro in 1958. Among his major solo exhibitions are: Finis Lapa, 2007 (Cascavel / PR); Galeria Subsolo (Curitiba/PR)...

Roosevelt Rocha

Roosevelt Rocha (Goiania, Brazil, 1974) writes poetry since the age of 16. Currently, a professor of Greek Language and Literature at UFPR.

Roberto Prado

Roberto Prado (Curitiba, Brazil, 1959), also known as Beco Prado, was born in a family where everyone was involved, to a lesser or greater degree...

Rosilene Luduvico

Lives in Germany now for 19 years. Master’s from the Art Academy of Düsseldorf. Her works have been exhibited in museums and galleries in...

Rossana Guimarães

Born in 1959, lives and works in Curitiba, Brazil. Master’s in Creative Processes in Visual Arts from EMBAP and UFBa (2010).

Sabrina Lopes

Sabrina Lopes (Curitiba, Brazil, 1972) is an actress, performer and, sometimes, a poet.

Sakiko Yamaoka

Born in 1961, Lives and based in Tokyo, Japan. PALs festival (Fylkingen,Stockholm, 2012), Inter-display International Art Festival Musrara MIX 11...

Sérgio Medeiros

(Bela Vista, Brasil, 1959) publicou, entre outros, O sexo vegetal (2009),Figurantes (2011) e Totens (2012)...

Sérgio Viralobos

Sérgio Viralobos (Curitiba, Brazil, 1961) is a poet, writer, singer and songwriter. He is the author of books Dois mais dois são três em um...

Sheroanawë Hakihiiwë

Yanomami Indian born in 1971 in the community of Pori Pori, in the Upper Orinoco, Venezuela. Learned to work with handmade papers made...

Tatiana Stropp

Born in Campinas (SP) in 1974, lives in Curitiba (PR). Participated in exhibitions in Curitiba, São Paulo, Campinas, Rio de Janeiro, Belém...

Tzitzi Barrantes

Born in 1986, lives in Bogotá, Colombia. Was acknowledged for Best Undergraduate Work of Art with her action / intervention Sensitive Body.

Vanessa Carneiro Rodrigues

Vanessa Rodrigues Carneiro (Ponta Grossa, Brazil, 1984) studied literature at UFPR and is a publisher, editor and writer. Published in some...

Veronique Bourgoin

Born 12th November, 1964 in Marseille, she lives and work in Montreuil and Marseille, France. In 1994, she founded the Atelier Reflexe and in...

Vivian Cáfaro

Born in 1977, lives and works in Rio de Janeiro. Actress, dancer, performer, educator, ongoing master course in Teaching Performing Arts...

Vladimir Kozák

Vladimir Kozák (Moravia, Czech Republic, 1897 – Curitiba, Brazil, 1979) Came to Brazil in 1924. Devoted himself to documenting the Brazilian landscape...

Wang Cheng Yun

Wang Chengyun is a Chinese painter who was born in 1959. Wang Chengyun has had several gallery and museum exhibitions, including Museu...

William Kentridge

he Transit_BR Project conceived by curators Daniel Rangel (BR) and Fernando Alvim (ANG) aims to exhibit across Brazil various sections of...


Willian Santos

Born in 1985, lives and works in Curitiba, Brazil. Among his mains exhibitions, these stand out: nem todo líquido se desmancha em ar...

Wilson Bueno

Wilson Bueno (Jaguapita, Brazil, 1949 - Curitiba, Brazil, 2010) was a writer, poet...

Woki Toki

Created in Rosario and Santa Fe, Argentina, in 2005. A collective of people from different areas and experiences, who share an interest...

Wolfgang Stiller

Wolfgang Stiller was born 1961 and lives and works in Berlin,Germany. He has held residencies in Tokyo, Istanbul and New York.

Xiong Yu

Born in Chengdu, Sichuan, China, in 1975. Born in Chengdu of Sichuan, Xiong Yu graduated from the attached middle school of Sichuan Academy...

Young Joo Lee

Born in 1987, in Seoul, South Korea, currently lives and works in Frankfurt a. M., Germany. Among her major exhibitions include;

Zeca Corrêa Leite

Zeca Corrêa Leite (Iperó, Brazil, 1948) is a journalist. Awarded in various literary competitions and participation in poetic anthologies...


Performance artist and researcher of the performance language. Master of Visual Arts from PPGAV-EBA-UFBa. Born in 1973 in Jequie, Bahia...

Luis Felipe Noé

Nasceu em Buenos Aires em 1933. Frequentou o estúdio de Horacio Butler. Viveu em Paris e Nova York. Entre 1961 e 1965 formou parte do ,grupo conhecido como Nueva...


  • Aaron Koblin
  • Adalberto Müller 
  • Adán Vallecillo
  • Ademir Demarchi
  • Adriano Costa
  • Afonso José Afonso | Ajax
  • Ai Weiwei
  • Alejandra Mastro
  • Alexandre França
  • Alice Ruiz
  • Amarildo Anzolin 
  • André Butzer
  • Andréia Carvalho
  • Andy Hope 1930
  • Angelo Luz
  • Anísio Garcez Homem
  • Annika Kahrs
  • Ann-Sofi Sidén
  • Antoni Abad
  • Armando Queiroz
  • Arne Quinze
  • Arturo Carrera
  • Baldomero Robles Menéndez
  • Bárbara Lia
  • Beatrice Steimer
  • Bella Flor Canche Teh
  • Bianca Lafroy
  • Bicicletaria Cultural
        Fernando Rosenbaum
        Patrícia Valverde
  • Bonnie Camplin
  • Bruno Costa
  • Caio Reisewitz
  • Camila Vardarac 
  • Cao Guimarães
  • Carlos Careqa
  • Carlos Trilnick
  • Claudia Aravena
  • Clemens Krauss
  • Cleverson Antunes Oliveira
  • Coleção Poty Lazarotto
  • Coletivo E/OU
        Claudia Washington
        Goto Newton
        Lúcio de Araújo
  • Cristiane Bouger
  • Dalton Trevisan
  • Daniel Duda
  • David Svensson
  • Delson Uchôa
  • Dominique Dubosc
  • Dora Longo Bahia
  • Duniesky Martín
  • Eder Santos
  • Edson De Vulcanis
  • Edwin Sánchez
  • Efigênia Rolim
  • Emerson Pereti
  • Erik Bünger
  • Estercilia Simanca Pushaina
  • Estrela Leminski
  • Fernando José Karl
  • Fernado Severo
  • Fredi Casco
  • Giselle Beiguelman
  • Greta Benitez
  • Gunilla Klingberg
  • Gustavo Romano
  • Hamilton Faria
  • Heinz Mack
  • Helena Kolody
  • Homero Gomes
  • Hugo Aveta
  • Ieke Trinks
  • Ivan Justen Santana 
  • James Bridle
  • Jason Lujan
  • Jill Orr
  • Jitish Kallat
  • João Castilho
  • Jonathan Meese
  • José de Quadros
  • Josely Vianna Baptista
  • Joseph Ravens
  • Juan Burgos
  • Juli Susin
  • Juliana Stein
  • Katharina Grosse
  • Kim Fielding
  • Laerte Ramos
  • Lauro Borges
  • Leila Pugnaloni
  • Leonarda Glück
  • Lindsey Rocha Lagni
  • Louise Bourgeois
  • Lourival Cuquinha
  • Lucas Bambozzi
  • Luci Collin 
  • Luiz Henrique Schwanke
  • Luzia Simons
  • Maíra Vaz Valente
  • Marcelo De Angelis
  • Marcelo Sandmann
  • Marco Paulo Rolla
  • Marcone Moreira
  • Marcos Prado
  • Margit Leisner
  • Marilia Kubota
  • Mario Domingues
  • Martine Viale
  • Max Sudhues
  • Michael Aschauer
  • Michael Mandiberg
  • Michal Rovner
  • Milagros de la Torre
  • Milton Marques
  • Nina Fischer & Maroan el Sani
  • Olia Lialina
  • Paula Levine
  • Paulo Leminski
  • Peter Kubelka
  • Pierre Lapalu
  • Priscila Merizzio
  • Rachel Goodyear
  • Raquel Kogan
  • Regina Silveira
  • René Peña
  • Ricardo Pedrosa Alves
  • Roberto Prado
  • Rony Bellinho
  • Roosevelt Rocha
  • Rosilene Luduvico
  • Rossana Guimarães
  • Sabrina Lopes
  • Sakiko Yamaoka
  • Sérgio Medeiros
  • Sérgio Viralobos
  • Sheroanawë Hakihiiwë
  • Tatiana Stropp
  • Tzitzi Barrantes
  • Vanessa Carneiro Rodrigues
  • Véronique Bourgoin
  • Vivian Cáfaro
  • Vladimir Kosák
  • Wang Cheng Yun
  • William Kentridge
  • Willian Santos
  • Wilson Bueno
  • Woki Toki
  • Wolfgang Stiller
  • Xiong Yu
  • Young Joo Lee
  • Zeca Corrêa Leite
  • Zmário
  • Luis Felipe Noé