Curitiba International Biennial 2013

Agende sua visita guiada nos espaços expositivos

The educational/provocative aspect aims at communication to leverage the visitors’ associative leaps – relating the content of this material to their previous knowledge and to further possibilities. Here a partnership with teachers is also proposed, allowing them to take more vigorous leaps and let their students to jump longer. For this purpose, the Educational Project’s curatorship believes in an approach that provokes empathy between the visitor and the mediator.

Another bet is the mediation that teachers can do. In addition to the material prepared to guide personal journeys through the world of creation of the exhibit’s artists, a partnership with the Arte na Escola (Art in Schools) was established in order to think about the cast via art territories proposed by the DVDteca Arte na Escola (Art DVD Library in Schools) and its documentary films about art, artists and art institutions.

As these documentary films are distributed to 30,000 schools across the national territory, as a MEC’s initiative, in addition to Pólos Arte na Escola (Art Center in Schools), FAP (School of Arts) and UFPR (Federal University of Paraná) in Curitiba, the teacher who works for a school where there is a DVDteca will be able to find and watch those documentary films. According to the category/territory used to classify the ten Biennial artists selected for this material it will be possible to relate them to other creators and issues relevant to cultural heritage, form and content of Visual Arts, creation process, cultural mediation and other multidisciplinary connections. This places the teacher in the position of curator of his/her classroom and free navigator as well.