Curitiba International Biennial 2013

Associate curator Tereza de Arruda visits spaces in Curitiba

On March 23, the associate curator Tereza de Arruda ? who lives in Berlin ? was in Curitiba to visit the spaces to be under her curatorship in the Curitiba International Biennial 2013.

The curator visited FIEP?s Cultural Center, Paço da Liberdade and the Public Library of Paraná.

Associate curator Tereza de Arruda accompanied by Mr. Luiz Ernesto Meyer Pereira, Director of Curitiba International Biennial

Based on the concept established by the general curatorship of the Biennial, Tereza remarks:

"The absence of a theme sets a precedent of infinite possibilities to be explored in view of the questions and concerns that guide contemporaneity".

The associate curator notes that, by grouping certain artists in the same physical space, the concern is to create a dialogue between propositions and exhibits.

Shana Adayme Lima, Activities Technician of Paço da Liberdade, visits the space with the Biennial General Manager, Solange Lingnau, and curator Tereza de Arruda