Curitiba International Biennial 2013

Curitiba International Biennial presents 2013 program to Mayor Gustavo Fruet

The newly elected mayor of Curitiba, Gustavo Fruet, was presented at first-hand the program of the Curitiba International Biennial at a meeting held on February 21st with the organizers of the event.

Luiz Ernesto Meyer Pereira, Stephanie Dahn Batista, Gustavo Fruet, Luciana Casagrande Pereira and Solange Lingnau

Various promotional materials were presented to Fruet by Stephanie Dahn Batista, curatorial coordinator of the Curitiba International Biennial 2013. The mayor welcomed this edition of the Biennial, which will take place between August 31 and December 1 and will celebrate its 20 years with a special program spread over a hundred city spaces.

Also participated in the meeting the general director general of the International Biennial of Curitiba, Pereira Luiz Ernesto Meyer, the general manager, Solange Lingnau, and the President of the IPAR (Art Institute of Paraná), Luciana Pereira Casagrande.