Curitiba International Biennial 2013

Join the Catavento (Pinwheel) Photomobilization and see your work exhibited at the Biennial

The Curitiba Biennial invites amateur and professional photographers from around the world to participate in the Catavento Photomobilization. All those who are interested in exhibiting at the Biennial are invited to send pictures of pinwheels in order to create a collective work.

The photos submitted will be exhibited in the digital art room of the Museu Municipal de Arte (MUMA-PR) and on the official site of the project. The participants who send their photos until July 15 will also have their names published in the Biennial Guide.

The original idea was conceived by artist and Professor Tom Lisboa, who coordinates the project. ?The pinwheel, which is the institutional brand of the Curitiba Biennial, is a device historically related to the idea of transforming wind into a productive force. The idea here is to use the metaphor contained in this object and organize an event that is basically generated by ideas?, explains Tom.

?At a time of social and political mobilization, the Curitiba Biennial launches this creative challenge?, completes the project coordinator. To participate, send a pinwheel image to with your name, city and country. Check rules and exhibition of works at