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I wish to welcome to the Curitiba International Biennial 2015 that illuminates the city, bringing the theme “World Light” for streets, museums, galleries and spaces that involve various audiences with art. I invite everyone for a Biennial that is both in the park and in the museum, which is represented in the show in the same measure that is part of the Circuits. A lot of people worked for this Biennial to take place.

I take this time to thank everyone. I thank the honored artist, Julio Le Parc and artists from 5 continents, reported here, the works that fascinate, delight, shock, make you smile and interact with unexpected spaces of the city.

I thank the general curator, the guest curators, besides the winners of the Young Curators Award. The curators of the educational project, partner in the challenge to broaden the educational potential of the Biennial, coordinating initiatives for human and cultural development of students, teachers and visitors.

Special thanks to all partners and sponsors found and the staff of the Curitiba International Biennial, without whom none of this would be possible. My thanks to the managers and employees of the exhibition spaces, key components in the realization of the Biennial. By 2015 be the Year of Italian Culture in Latin America, the Biennial further emphasizes the integration between cultures and honors the country, valuing the heritage and the legacy left by them through the participation of a large number of Italian artists in this issue.

I’d like to highlight the strategic partnership between the Ministry of Culture through the Federal Law for the Encouragement of Culture, cooperation with the Ministry of Culture and the Cultural Foundation of Curitiba.

Thank you, finally, to the public of the Biennial, here is the final result, to seek to understand, to seek something beyond. And the fundamental contribution of the press, not only for the record, but the wide dissemination of the Biennial activities.

I hope it’s an enchantment experience, questioning, and above all learning. The Biennial bring a new vision of space that we know so well. That is exciting and inspiring.

Welcome to Curitiba International Biennial.

Luciana Casagrande Pereira

Paranaense Art Institute’s President