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25 09 15

Presenting the Education Department

The Curitiba Biennial Education Department aims to mediating between the curators of “Light of the World” and the visiting public, providing educational activities such as conversations, workshops and guided tours. The Biennial takes place in various important arts and cultural centers in the city of Curitiba and the guided tours aim to open up space for the viewer to comment on what they see or feel. The team is made up of students and professionals from various fields related to art, culture and communications and strives to think in a diverse, heterogeneous manner. The team attends a month long intensive training course (open to the public) dealing with subjects relevant to curation (history, art criticism and philosophy) and others related to mediation and attending the general public (art education, teaching, psychology, activity production).

An art Biennial has an education department with very specific characteristics that involve greater dedication to a large-scale undertaking. Meetings between the mediators and the education teams will take place during the period in which the show is on display, adapting to the needs that each space/group identifies. This openness of the team to the ongoing progress of the Biennial is very important. It is this collective feeling that should prove infectious to visitors, guiding them in the various directions the artists aim to take them with their work. There is a lot of contact between curators and artists, many of whom are foreigners and come from a different culture, but united by the experience of art. This creates a wide range of possibilities.

The aim of the education department is to operate in a democratic fashion, raising the questions of visitors who have very specific ideas, desires and points of view. One of its most important functions is to listen, reflect and develop proposals that take into account the opinions and considerations of visitors, students, mediators, artists, curators, professor and the whole community involved in bringing the light of art to the city of Curitiba between October and December 2015.

To schedule your guided tour in the Curitiba Biennial: educativo@bienaldecuritiba.org

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