Сейчас клиент микрофинансовой организации находится в очень выгодном положении, так как конкуренция между мфо привела в появлению такого вида займа, как займ без процентов, то есть бесплатный займ. Это, действительно достаточно новое явление на рынке финансовых услуг, совсем недавно появилось на рынке финансовых услуг, но уже стало настоящим событием среди клиентов кредитных организаций, выдающий займы.

Anthony McCall


Anthony McCall

Anthony McCall is another artist who makes visible that which by definition makes everything visible: namely light. But, if light is visible all the time, how can we explain the enchantment that people feel when they enter one of this artist’s installations? What is light, after all? What is the space that this beam of light crosses creating visible albeit virtual forms? McCall raises all these questions, which could be described as recent, and combines them with others of more longstanding status in the history of art—such as those relating to sculpture. This results, as the artist himself puts it, in instants of pure sculpture.

Teixeira Coelho | Curator

McCall studied Graphic Design at Ravensbourne College of Art and Design in Bromley, Kent, England, in the late ’60s and made cinema experiments during this period. His first films are open-air performances of documents which were notable for minimal use of elements, especially fire. Twenty years later, he acquired a new dynamic and reopened its series of ‘solid light’, this time using digital projectors instead of 16mm film. McCall was awarded in 2012 to £ 500,000 in London Olympics for the creation of a work consisting of a vapor column called Birkinhead, which was planned to be visible at a distance of 100km. In this edition of the International Biennial of Curitiba, McCall desires to bring moments of pure sculpture through light in his exhibitions.

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