Сейчас клиент микрофинансовой организации находится в очень выгодном положении, так как конкуренция между мфо привела в появлению такого вида займа, как займ без процентов, то есть бесплатный займ. Это, действительно достаточно новое явление на рынке финансовых услуг, совсем недавно появилось на рынке финансовых услуг, но уже стало настоящим событием среди клиентов кредитных организаций, выдающий займы.

Carlo Bernardini


Carlo Bernardini

As the artist himself notes, the biggest transformation promoted by contemporary art is not so much about new materials and languages but to redefine the boundaries of a screen with a frame or a sculpture with its volume or an architecture with its edges. The light fields of Carlo Bernardini assign new limits on architectural space and transgress. Antithesis of architecture for its immateriality, the light becomes the labile comment on a work that you want to last: a clash of intentions and meanings is established.

Teixeira Coelho | Curator

Carlo Bernardini won the Targetti Light Art Collection award “White Sculpture”. Bernardini works with fiber optic since 1996; he created and installed permanent public sculptures in stainless steel and optical fibers in several Italian cities, and in 1996 and 2003, installed site-specific works in the XII and XV National Quadriennials of Rome. Since then, went on to create environmental public facilities in fiber optics in various cities around the world such as Amsterdam, Berlin, Rio de Janeiro, New York, Valencia, The Hague – L’Aia. Bernardini in 2010 was invited to the XIII Luci d’Artista (Artist’s Lights) in Turin. His visual research is currently carried out through environmental facilities in optic fiber.

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