Jeongmoon Choi


Jeongmon choi

In the age of laser, Jeongmoon Choi uses the ancient medium of cotton thread to create his luminous environments, which are nevertheless presented using high tech. There is more than one play of illusions at work in her art. She employs a fabricated idea—something that is only to be expected in an oriental artist working in post-modern times: a combination of traditional weaving and contemporary technology, Jeongmoon Choi’s case translated into the medium of ultraviolet light. This creates geometrical perspectives and total immersion is not only represented but experienced as a result.

Teixeira Coelho | Curator

Born in Seoul, South Korea. Jeongmoon Choi lives and works in Berlin. As a spatial continuation of illustration, Jeongmoon Choi creates UV light fixtures with fluorescent wires. Recent solo exhibitions: in Laurent Mueller gallery in Paris (2015), Maximilians Forum in Munich (2014), Moeller Fine Art, Berlin (2013), KARST Project in Plymouth (2013). Group exhibitions: at the Saatchi Gallery in London (2013), Das Weisse Haus, Vienna (2015). As a weaver, the artist works with laser lights in her work at the International Biennial of Curitiba, creating a immersive geometric.

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