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Mestre Didi


Mestre Didi

The art of Mestre Didi designs with unique sensitivity, intense artistic significance and technical detail, aesthetics depth of a freely inspired universe in sacred symbolism of an African heritage by recreating the tradition, with great innovation within the contemporary art.

At a meeting of tradition, African heritage, identified by ancestry, and the union with contemporary art, not only for aesthetic recreation, but as far as his work brings myth, shape and materials used and their symbolic meanings, constituting an art that creates and recreates with great variety of forms and meanings a religious universe to have impregnated their characteristics of natural elements of symbolic content of the african-Brazilian universe.

With power to make this one abstract-conceptual and emotional language designed from the beginning by his predecessors, making this the past events, to restore and renew life, and keeping close to the territory of the holy without becoming rituals inserts, or for religious purposes, but exemplarily a sculptural art of profound contemporary, carries with it a profound comment on the nature of time, the tradition and the new, standing on his not only objects material representations, but essential emblems in which the sacred is represented, because before in front of him is not just of the wood, porcelain, clay, straw or stone, but before the abstract-sacred, just as the Catholic does not worship the image material saints and crucifixes, but the mystical essence that symbolize a work contributing to renew and recreate all the emotional cognitive system egbé, both in relation to the cosmos as the human reality, since his art humanizes the world humanizing the man.

Deoscoredes M. dos Santos, Mestre Didi, writer and artist, was born in Salvador, Bahia, on December 2, 1917, and died in the same city in 2013. Holder of several awards can be pointed out in 1995, Medal Thome de Souza, Salvador City Hall, Brazil.
and in 1967, the Bahia State Prize, National Biennial of Brazil, Salvador, Brazil.

Having in its trajectory several group and solo exhibitions in Brazil and abroad (USA, Argentina, Nigeria, Germany, France, England, Ghana, Senegal), there are: In 1994, Art and Religiosity Afro-Brazilian, 46th Book Fair, Frankfurt, Germany. 1989 Master Didi, Magiciens International Exposition de la Terre, special room, Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris, France. 1989 Art In Latin America, Hayward Gallery, London, Inglaterra.1971, Afro-Brazilian Art, Africa Centre, London, England. 1970, Art et Culture African-brésiliens, special room, the Unesco Palace, Paris, France. 1969 International Exhibition of Art Afro-Brazilian, special room, Dynamique Museum, Dakar, Senegal. 1969 International Exhibition of African-Brazilian Art, Ghana National Museum, Accra, Ghana. 1968 International Exhibition of African-Brazilian Art, Museum of Antiquities, Lagos, Nigeria. 1967 Afro-Brazilian-Sacred Art – Didi dos Santos, Nigeria Trenchard Hall, Ibadan, Nigeria. His work is recorded in books, in several languages.

Paul Darzé Art Gallery, previously, in 2007, promoted the Sparte, International Fair of Modern and Contemporary Art of São Paulo, shows to be held at the Biennial Pavilion, Ibirapuera Park, an exhibition of Mestre Didi with 21 sculptures, various materials, works of intense artistic significance to recreate a universe aesthetically freely inspired by the sacred symbolism of an African heritage.

Daniel Rangel | Curador