Сейчас клиент микрофинансовой организации находится в очень выгодном положении, так как конкуренция между мфо привела в появлению такого вида займа, как займ без процентов, то есть бесплатный займ. Это, действительно достаточно новое явление на рынке финансовых услуг, совсем недавно появилось на рынке финансовых услуг, но уже стало настоящим событием среди клиентов кредитных организаций, выдающий займы.

Petra Costa / Lea Glob


Petra e Lea

Petra debuted at the IDFA with her first feature-length film, Elena (2012), which has won various awards at festivals around the world. It was the most watched documentary in Brazil in 2013 and, in the following year, was launched to great acclaim in the United States. With Fernando Meirelles and Tim Robbins as executive producers, it is a mixture of febrile dreamscape and pyschological thriller, telling the story of two sisters. While one searches for the other, the distinction between their two identities begins to blur. Lea Glob graduated from the Danish National Film School in 2011, with the acclaimed short film Meeting My Father Kasper Højat, an autobiographical interpretation of the director’s encounter with her father, whom she lost many years earlier. Among other awards, the film was nominated for the Danish National Film Award and the Robert Award, and received a Golden Panda for most innovative documentary at the Chinese Shiuan TV Festival.