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Curitiba Biennial records blockbuster and has extended programming

Curitiba, December 2015 – For long lines on weekends since October it was possible to see that the Oscar Niemeyer Museum kept something big. Over the past two months, the Curitiba International Biennial lit Curitiba with art from around the world, including Oscar Niemeyer Museum, MON, who received the honored Franco-Argentine artist Julio LeParc, and other big names of world contemporary art. After the huge demand from the public, the event organizers decided to extend two exhibitions until the February 14th.

With works that reflect the concept of the World Light and allow approach, interaction and immersion in lights and shadows, MON brings first prominent names as Alexander Kluge (Germany), Carlo Bernardini (Italy), Davide Boriani (Italy) , Eliane Prolik (Curitiba), Helga Griffiths (Germany), Jeongmoon Choi (South Korea), Lars Nilsson (Sweden), Regina Silveira (Brazil), Shirin Neshat (Iran) and Yumi Kori (Japan), and Julio Le Parc (France). For the organization, the meeting of these artists is one of the reasons for the success of the Biennial 2015. “The Biennial is growing every edition and we can see that both the number of artists with exhibits and by openness and public participation. We are celebrating the 2015 edition as a great success, “concludes Luiz Ernesto Pereira, director of the Biennial.

In addition to the MON, the Museum of Contemporary Art also has its extended schedule. Exhibition Light Versus Light, which brings together exponents names of several Latin American countries and has been curated by art critic Adriana Almada, explores works transiting through various developments of light. “Light versus light, these three words together give the title to a poem by Paulo Leminski chosen to name this exhibition that comes to light as image, concept and experience,” explains the curator Adriana Almada.

The artists invited to exhibit at the MAC are Alejandra Mastro (Argentina-Guatemala), Alfi Vivern (Argentina-Brazil), André Azevedo (Brazil), Carina Weidle (Brazil), Carlos Huffmann (Argentina), Claudio Alvarez (Argentina-Brazil) Constance Pinheiro (Brazil), Daniel Mallorquín (Paraguay), Eduardo Aguiar (Brazil), Francis Naranjo (Islas Canarias), Guita Soifer (Brazil), Gonzalo Ivo (Brazil), Joaquín Sanchez (Bolivia), Jorge González Lohse (Chile) José Antonio de Lima (Brazil), Liliana Zapata (Bolivia), Manuel Chavajay (Guatemala), Marcelo Moscheta (Brazil), Matilde Marín (Argentina), Paulo Leminski (Brazil), Ramón Esono Ebalé (Guinea Ecuatorial), Rogério Ghomes ( Brazil) and Vilma Slomp (Brazil).

Curated by Ana Gonzalez, the exhibition at the Museum of Engraving, located at Solar do Barão also had the deadline extended. The artists on display are Ida Hannemann de Campos, Henrique Martins, Juliana Kulinski and works at the Center for Visual Arts SESI / PR. Besides the exhibition spaces, the Biennial takes the art of Regina Silveira to the streets of Curitiba. The Vagaluz work consists of the word projection “light” in 60 languages ​​on the facade of several buildings in the city until 14 February.


Legacy to Curitiba

Although the light is ethereal, artists who have gone through Biennial in 2015 chose to give the city to perpetuate the art. This is the case of Tom14, color artist that led to the railway station with interventions in partnership with the program All Color For you, from the Coral Paints. Natural from Cascavel Cesar Ferreira has gifted Curitiba with a giant bicycle, 50% made from recyclable materials, according to Ferreira, is the light of new ideas that raise awareness and direct the mind, encouraging urban mobility and sustainability.

About the Biennial

Curitiba International Biennial completes 22 years in 2015 and has established itself as one of the most important events on the world circuit. In this edition, the art Biennial that gives priority to hit the streets, with actions that are not restricted to museums, cultural centers and galleries, but earning the urban space. The art critic Teixeira Coelho has been its main curtator and brings works by artists from five continents in more than 100 spaces in the city. All programming is free, except for exhibits in the Museum Oscar Niemeyer, which has the following rates (R$9.00 and R$4.50).


The Ministry of Culture presents the International Biennial of Curitiba in 2015, held by the Federal Law of Incentive to the Culture Ministry of Culture (Rouanet Law). This edition features the master sponsorship of UEG Araucaria and sponsorship of BNDES, Petrobras, Sanepar, Copel, Scania and BRDE. It has co-sponsorship of the Financial Barigui, Sesi FIEP, Monreal Construction, Batel Patio and Urbs. It has the support of APAP-PR and Coral Paints. International support of the Japan Foundation, Consulate General of Japan, Embassy of Argentina, Consulate of Argentina in Curitiba, Columbus Prefecture, Krakow City Hall, Embassy of Italy, Consulate General of Italy in Curitiba, Italian Cultural Institute of São Paulo, Centro Korean culture in Brazil, Consulate General of the Republic of Korea, the Mexican Embassy, ​​Embassy of Sweden, Wichita State University, Fulbright, Consulate of Israel in São Paulo, Goethe Institut.


The Biennial is promoted by RPC TV and Gazeta do Povo newspaper.


International Biennial of Curitiba 2015 MON and MAC

Date: until February 14, 2016

Location: Curitiba – PR

Social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube

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