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19 11 15

Curitiba International Biennial promotes conversation with the American curator Royce Smith at Fine Arts



Curitiba, November 2015 – On Thursday (19) at 4pm, Curitiba International Biennial held a conversation with the professor of American art Royce Smith, who took part as curator of the Havana Biennial and Biennale of Asuncion, Paraguay. The conversation takes place in room 24 of Unespar – EMBAP and has free admission.

Royce was invited to participate in the Curitiba Biennial and together with the Cuban Dannys Montes de Oca, selected works of photographers that are on display at the Ministry of Culture. Royce Smith is an associate professor of art history and director of the School of Art, Design and Creative Industries in Wichita State University (USA). He is also the official curator of the Biennale of Asuncion, Paraguay. Along with Dannys Montes de Oca, he healed “Among indoors Fuera” as part of the 12th Havana Biennial. It is guest curator of Curitiba Biennial.

With the start of the event, the guide with the Biennale programming will be distributed in exhibitions and in various parts of the city. The official website will also include all the programming and general information. The catalogs of the International Biennial of Curitiba and the Film Festival contain detailed information of all the artists and works and can be purchased from October. The guide and the Biennale catalog published by the Art and Letter.

The Ministry of Culture presents the International Biennial of Curitiba in 2015, held by the Federal Law of Incentive to the Culture Ministry of Culture (Rouanet Law). This edition also features the master sponsorship of UEG Araucaria and sponsorship of BNDES, Petrobras, Sanepar, Scania and BRDE. It has co-sponsorship of the Financial Barigui, Sesi FIEP, Monreal Construction and Patio Batel. It has the support of APAP-PR and the international support of the Japan Foundation, Consulate General of Japan, Embassy of Argentina, Consulate of Argentina, Goethe Institute, Columbus Prefecture, Krakow City Hall, Embassy of Italy, Consulate General of Italy, Italian Institute Culture, Korean Cultural Center in Brazil and Consulate General of the Republic of Korea, the Mexican Embassy, ​​Embassy of Sweden, Wichita State University, Fulbright, Consulate of Israel, Goethe Institut.

The Biennial is promoted by the PRC and TV Gazeta do Povo newspaper.

Conversation with Royce Smith
Date: 19/11 at 16h
Location: Room 24 Unespar – EMBAP (Rua Comendador Macedo, 254) – 2nd floor

Free entrance

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