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University Film Contest Showcase / Fiction

denise_soares retratoDenise Soares

Denise Soares is a film-maker and journalist and partner of the Haver Filmes production company. She has directed two documentaries and three fictional films, including the short Invisible Portrait, which has received awards and been screened at thirteen festivals in Canada, Chile, where it won the award for Best Screenplay at the Diva Film Fest, Venezuela, Colombia, Peru and Brazil. She is currently studying Directing at the San Antonio de Los Baños International Film and TV School in Cuba. In 2014, she launched the short film Chinese are All Alike.

Josiane Orvatich retrato

Josiane Orvatich

Josiane Orvatich is a cultural producer and Master of Philosophy. She was editor of the Juliette film magazine between 2008 and 2010, for which she also worked as critic and interviewer. In 2013, she produced the Juliette Invites cycle of film debates, at Caixa Cultural. She ran the Díinamo film club and various film courses in 2007. As researcher at the Federal University of Paraná, in the field of Literature, she has participated in conferences, published academic articles on literature and run courses on film and literature.


Nathália Tereza

Nathália Tereza was born in 1988 and grew up in the Center-West region of Brazil. She is a screenwriter, director and partner of the Diadorim Filmes production company. Her short films include Te Extraño, A casa Sem Separação and A Outra Margem.

University Film Contest Showcase / Documentary

Eduardo BaggioEduardo Baggio 2

Baggio is a film-maker who specializes in documentaries. He graduated in Social Communication – Journalism (UFPR), holds a postgraduate diploma in Audiovisual Communication (PUC-PR), Masters in Communication and Languages (UTP) and a Doctorate in Communication and Semiotics (PUC-SP). He has worked for television and film and video production companies as a screenwriter, director and editor. His independent films have been screened and received awards at various festivals and shows in Brazil and overseas. He is currently professor and researcher for the FAP/ UNESPAR’s Film and Video course.

Jessica CandalJessica Candal 3x4 retrato

Jessica Candal holds a Bachelor’s degree in Audiovisual Studies (USP) and a postgraduate diploma in Visual Poetics (EMBAP). She has directed the documentaries Teia and O Espelho de AnA. She is working on the feature-length screenplay Êxtimo and the children’s series Caixa Mágica. In 2014, her first feature-length screenplay Horizonte won the Olhar de Cinema Pitichings Competition. In 2012, she created and curated AnA’s Reflections – a show dedicated to documentaries by women and, in 2015, curated the short films for Olhar de Cinema – Curitiba International Festival, with Bernard Payen.

João Castelo Branco

Castelo Branco is a film-maker and photographer. He is currently co-director of the Tu i TJoao_castelo_branco retrato
am Filmes production company, along with Rafael Urban. He studied Social Sciences at the Federal University of Paraná and holds a postgraduate degree in Photography from Cândido Mendes, Rio de Janeiro. He studied photography at FAMU – Faculty of Film at the Prague National University of the Arts and the History of Photography at INHA – the National Art History Institute, in Paris. His resume as a photographer includes various exhibitions and published books. His most famous films are the featurelength O Corte do Alfaiate and the short Bolpebra, both of which have been screened at national and international festivals. As director of photography, he has worked with visual artists and directors from Brazil and overseas. He is currently working on completion of his new feature Garatujas, Badamecoe e
outros Monstros and is in receipt of a Visual Arts Production Grant from the Curitiba Cultural

University Film Contest Showcase / Experimental Video


Arthur-Tuoto retratoArthur Tuoto

Arthur Tuoto’s work oscillates constantly between film and visual arts. His work has already been screened at festivals and exhibitions, such as the Berlinale – Forum Expanded (Germany), Videoformes (France), the Moving Image Biennial (Argentina), Videonale (Germany), Instants Vidéo (France) and the Rio de Janeiro International Short Film Festival (Brazil). In 2010, he curated VII PUTZ – Curitiba University Film and Video Festival. Since 2009, he has been running workshops and courses and giving talks on video art and experimental cinema.

foto f severo_solivan_Crédito_Marcos SolivanFernando Severo

Severo has produced various short-, medium- and feature-length films, as director, screenwriter and editor and has won more than seventy national and international awards. His feature film Corpos Celestes received nine awards at national festivals and was selected for festivals and shows in Europe, Asia and North America. It was also acquired for screening by the Sony, Sundance, MGM, Film & Arts, Brasil and AXN TV channels. He graduated in Social Communication – Advertising and Publicity and holds a postgraduate degree in Communication and Culture. Since 2011, he has been director of the Paraná Museum of Image and Sound.

Julien GuimJulien_guimaraesarães

Julien Guimarães began his training in Visual Arts (UFPR) and transferred to Film and Video at FAP/ Unespar, in 2009. He has been involved in different fields of audiovisual production, including films and the promotion of film clubs, shows and courses. A musician, actor, director and screenwriter, his first short film Caleidoscópio (2014) was selected for the Mirada Paranaense at the 3rd Olhar de Cinema and won the Primeiro Plano award at the Juiz de Fora and Mercocidades Film Festival.