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Oh Boy


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Oh Boy | 2012 | fiction | Germany | 82’


Niko Fischer is drifting. He has dropped out of law school and wanders the streets of Berlin, perplexedly watching the people of the city and letting himself be swept along. One day everything changes: his father suspends his monthly allowance, his relationship with his girlfriend breaks down, a psychologist takes away his driver’s license, a neighbor complains about his hardships and begins to cry, an acquaintance from his far off school days tries to seduce him and, in a bar, an elderly man tells him about a childhood trauma. In the end, the old man dies and Niko, perhaps for the first time, exhibits some kind of bonding and sense of responsibility. Oh Boy recounts various episodes that occur within 24 hours in the life of a young man, at the end of which nothing will ever be the same again.

Thursday, 05/11 – 19:00

Direction: Jan Ole Gerster
Born in 1978, in Hagen, Germany. He was Wolfgang Becker’s assistant director in
Goodbye, Lenin (2003) and directed the making of Der Schmerz geht, der Film bleibt
(2004). Prior to his debut as a film director, he made various commercials and pop
videos. In 2004, he produced Yann Tiersen und die Filmmusik, a documentary about
the composer Yann Tiersen. Oh Boy is his first feature film.


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