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“Reflections” by Mariana Canet, is the work exhibited at Munespi in Curitiba Biennial

Curitiba, November 2015 – The work exposed at the National Museum of Spiritualism – MUNESPI until December 6 to Curitiba International Biennial of 2015 is the result of work by the artist Mariana Canet. She began her career working with marketing, but eventually went to the photgraphy. After taking documentary photos in Cambodia, Sri Lanka and Vietnam, Mariana realized that photographing the abstract, the indefinite and unlimited was her true passion.

Her exhibitions initiated by the documentary shows Talking Face in 2010 that toured throughout Brazil in more than five locations. After winning the prize Hall Graciosa of Fine Arts in 2011, Reflection and Abstract series won opening and since then photographs were exhibited in London (Debut Contemporary Gallery), Amsterdam (Amsterdam Showcase), Italy (Galleria dé Marchi) and São Paulo (salon d’Automne Paris-São Paulo).


About the work:
For curator Oriete Cavagnari “what is unseen by us lay people, Mariana captures subtlety to stroll, read the colors, shapes and movement. She condenses and abstracts, fragments or dilutes the proposal of their work. In addition and dilution are all fortunate. A two-way street follows its flow and delicately built images, beyond our imagination.
From micro to macro set off in bold and curious experience where the restlessness of water reflect the captured moment elevates and sediments. The senses take us beyond the smell, temperature, taste, sound, harshness or softness of the textures, endless wires leads to a new space and design on ourselves a mix of timeless recreation of reality. Mariana’s creation goes further expands the imaginative spectator, actor and bearer of new sources of opportunities, the angles of natural and artificial lights of the environment and provide vision.
The reflection is nothing more than the sum captured decomposing the present, reading the time in a resume life in the silent dance of invisible rays of energy reflect. Mariana, on a new moment in the back of her vision, passes through the two-dimensional to three-dimensional images placed in geometric figures. Proposes a relooking and rebuilding, new forms, figures with unique interpretation to each, inviting the viewer to move, giving life to what life is.
Work “Reflections” in Curitiba International Biennial

Date: October 3rd until December 6

Place: National Spiritualism Museum – MUNESPI

Rua Guillherme Ihlenfeldt, 663/577- São Lourenço

Mondays through Wednesdays, from 8pm to 11pm

Thursdays, from 2pm to 5pm

Saturdays, from 3pm to 6pm

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