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Post Bienal a Pé
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Visitors are able to walk the Biennial by foot

International Biennial of Curitiba in 2015 has more than 60 spaces. To facilitate the visit, the Biennial by walking walk goes through some of the major museums of this edition in the central region of Curitiba. The goal is to break our spaces on a tour of this part of the city. The guided and free tour goes through four spaces, taking place on Fridays and Saturdays, lasting 1h30 to 2h by prior appointment.


Check detailed roadmaps below:


Friday schedule


Time: 2pm – 5pm

Starting at: BRDE Cultural Centre – Lions Palace, at 2pm

1st stop: FIEP Cultural Centre

2nd stop: CEP – Paraná State College

See the route: https://goo.gl/LkA7Jf


Saturday schedule

Time: 11:30am – 1:30pm

Starting at: MUSA – UFPR Art Museum, at 11:30

1st stop: SESC Palace of Liberty

2nd stop: Curitiba Metropolitan Chatedral

See the route: https://goo.gl/a8LRwa





Be sure to bring sun hats and sunglasses if it is sunny; umbrella or raincoats house is cloudy or rainy – and take all of the above if you are under the unpredictable weather of Curitiba.


Check out more: http://bienaldecuritiba.com.br/en/bienal-a-pe/


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