Camila Proto

Camila Proto is a student of Visual Arts at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul. Her work wanders through the installation and audiovisual field, proposing aesthetic-political dialogues in relation to the contemporary context. He participated in several national film festivals such as SET Curtas (SP) and Cine Tamoio (RJ), with author and independent short films such as “Elephantfish” and “Corpo-Casa” (2016). It seeks to link its audiovisual production with its poetic and research interests, expanding the field of cinema and relating it to the artistic one. She is the creator and producer of the CINEAbacaxi show, which promotes cinema shows outside the dark room, as a provocation to the commercial format. The student has been producing installation works with her recent productions “Signos” and “Public Sampler”, besides seeking to explore the collaborative and interactive issues in her works.