Cang Xin

Cang Xin was born in 1967 in Inner Mongolia, China, Manchu nationality. He studied music, art and philosophy in Tianjin Academy of Music, Nankai University and Tianjing Academy of Fine Arts between 1986 and 1989. He has been painting since 1991 and became a professional artist in the East Village in Beijing in1993. Cang Xin gained his reputation initially from his performance art. His early works were influenced by Western art genres but his work had more emphasis on physical movement, atmosphere and audience engagement. In this sense, he differed from other Chinese performance artists of the 1980s whose work was marked by cynicism and rebelliousness. Cang Xin’s work was more concerned with the constraint and anxiety of real life. In recent years, Cang Xin’s art and philosophical language has been strongly influenced by his interest in the origin of life and the universe. He has had several solo exhibitions on this theme including “Hidden Consciousness”, “The Growth of Extra-Dimensional”, and “Spiritual Crystals”. He describes an imaginary and mysterious world based on ancient myths that represents oriental civilization and indicates thefuture.