Coletivo Duas Marias

The COLETIVO DUAS MARIAS, Cascavel-PR is formed by the artists Malu Rebelato and Nani Nogara, graduated in VISUAL ARTS by UNIPAN-Cascavel-PR / 2008 and post-graduated in Art-Education by FAG-Cascavel-PR / 2010. They began their work together in the second semester of 2012, researching the feminine being. They participated of several exhibitions, including “If it were you …”, in the Ecomuseum of Itaipu-Foz do Iguaçu / 2015. They work preferentially with the photograph, which is presented inserted in facilities that allow the interactivity of the visitor public. Prize acquisition in the 6th SAV, from Vinhedo-SP / 2014 and selected in the 3rd and 4th Latin American Autumn Salon-SP / 2015 / 16. In 2014 they made an artistic residence at the Casa Museu Maurício Penha in Portugal, which resulted in a traveling exhibition in the region in 2015.