COLETIVO INTENTA 16. May 2016. Extinction of the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Women, Racial Equality, Youth and Human Rights. […]. MP 746 (Provisional Measure of the reform of the High School) and PEC of the ceiling of the public expenses (Proposal of Amendment to the Constitution n ° 55). Shout! Suspension exit – Spring Secondary. More than a thousand schools occupied. GET IT ALL! Occupy UFPR. Occupy DeArtes ~ occupy and resist, occupy and resist, occupy and resist ~ Occupy Brasilia. Violence. Repression. Resistance. Union. Beginning of the 2017 academic year at UFPR – Exposition on the occupation of the campus, denominated Inventory 2016, in DeArtes, idealized by Aventuryna, Edmilson Fonseca, Felipe Roehrig Pacheco, Flora Aimbiré, Giovanna Pazin, Greyce Santos, Jady Vaneli, Laura Formighieri, Leonardo Achnitz, Matheus Wittkowski and Rodrigo Enoque, students of Visual Arts and Music, who next form the collective. More setbacks. Labor Reform. Reform of Social Security. Breathe. Keep your head up. Look. Face it. It tries – intends, aims, designs, realizes. Antifascist. We are children of the occupation, we were gestated in the fateful year of 2016 and we were born as a collective in 2017. The political and social issues from which we emerge guide our discussions and our production. We are INTENTA 16.