Djuly Gava

Djuly Gava is from Florianópolis, Santa Catarina. Student and artist, in 2013 he started his undergraduate degree in Visual Arts from the State University of Santa Catarina – UDESC. Participated in the collective exhibitions Vestígio-contaágio (2016), Memorial Meyer Filho; Extágio (2016), Victor Meirelles Museum; Miramar (2015), School Museum of Santa Catarina; Monster Drawing – 4th edition (2015), gardens of the Badesc Cultural Foundation; Poetics of drawing (2015), Museu da Escola Catarinense; That is when (2015), The Sítio Arte e Educação; Membrane – extension program, CEART – UDESC (2014), Memorial Meyer Filho; Make yourself comfortable (2014), Museum of Contemporary Art – MAC, in Niterói – Rio de Janeiro and Images in process (2013), Lindolf Bell Space – Integrated Cultural Center, Florianópolis. It presents in its artistic works the use of different medias to compose its narrative series of spaces; such as analogue and digital photography, sound, video art and writing. The main theme that pursues and traverses its works is the city and its political, social and historical context. The triggering stimulus of his artistic processes starts from a solitary look that derives from his experiences and paths traveled by the city.