Faisal Iskandar

Born in Curitiba, on August 12, 1954, the son of Lebanese parents. Created in the central region of Curitiba, amid the international trade of immigrants, always a close look at what happened around them. He was interested in art at an early stage. He was a frequent visitor to the theatrical, literary, musical and visual arts circuits of the city, having lived with very expressive figures in the middle, such as Helena Kolody, Paulo Leminski, Wilson Rio Apa, Poeta Cardoso, etc., photographically recording important moments of this conviviality. Autosdidata, for more than thirty years he has been dedicated to the work of authorship with images, having produced several works in video art and photography. In recent years he has been invited to exhibit his works in various events and art spaces such as the Curitiba Photography Museum, the Curitiba Memorial, the Guido Viaro Museum, the Fnac, the Graciosa Arts Club and the Clube de Curitiba Arts Hall, among others.