Florence Jung

We live in the suburbs, among the video-shops, take-aways and police speed-check cameras, and we might as well make the most of them, since there is nowhere else to go. (J. G. Ballard, A user guide to the millenium, 1996). On Saturday, January 30th, two people coming from middle-class social background and living at the opposite ends of the world – respectively in Shanghai, China and Curitiba, Brazil – will live the same life during 24 hours. This piece is called Jung54 and was created in 2017 by Florence Jung. Florence Jung creates situations that infiltrate reality, where no one can distinguish the real from its staging. She says everything is true, but nothing proves it: the artist wipes away her own tracks, turns her pieces into rumors and rumors into pieces. What remains is a state of doubt, the lingering uncertainty about what surrounds us. Florence Jung was born in the eastern part of France in 1988 and lives in Biel / Bienne, Switzerland.

Collaborators: Amanda Burkovski and Erica Storer de Araujo.