Jairo Valdatti

Born in Jacinto Machado, Santa Catarina in 1969, artist and geographer. He holds a degree in geography, a master’s degree in physical geography and a doctorate in geology. Currently, he is not an area professor at the State University of Santa Catarina (UDESC), working in the area of ​​biography and geomorphology. Along with his academic career developing his artistic work, we do not qualify scientific concepts such as taxonomy, morphology and distribution of Species and Its agents, including man. His work highlights a relationship of nature and personal, placing the latter as ephemeral in the face of natural processes. He participated in various physical exhibitions in private galleries and public spaces such as museums and cultural associations in Europe, the United States and Brazil. In 2011 he was selected to exhibit at the 54th International Art Exhibition of the Venice Biennale. In December 2014, February of 2015 participated in the 4th Biennial of the End of the World, in Mar del Plata, Argentina, with an installation sent. Lives and works in Florianópolis, SC.