Jin Lie

Jin Lie was born in 1969 in Shanxi, China, and grew up in Beijing. He immigrated to Germany in 1990, and studied free painting in National Academy of Arts Düsseldorf from 1993 to 1997. He won the summer scholarship of Academy of Arts Berlinin 2003. His selected exhibtions include: “What is Past, is Still Present”, MOCA Chengdu, China; Georg Kolbe Museum, Berlin, Germany; “Blue”, Mürz Art Museum, Austria; “Blinde Fleck”, New Society of Visual Arts, Berlin, Germany; “Feedback”, Tirana, Albania; “Saloong”, Stavanger, Norway; Gironcoli Museum, Graz, Austria; “Works on Paper”, Goethe Institute, Bologna, Italy; Württembergischer Society of Arts, Stuttgart, Germany; “Level diagram”, Societyof Arts Leimen, Germany; “Portrait”, Museum of Arts Rüdelsdorf, Germany; “EDITION”, Wiener Secession, Vienna, Austria.