Juan Parada

Born in 1979 in Curitiba. A graduate of the School of Music and Fine Arts of Paraná (EMBAP) in 2002, Juan Parada has exhibited his projects since 1997. He began researching ceramics in 2003 and one of the founding members of the Interluxartelivre collective (2002-2011), which stirred the Artistic medium of the state capital in the declared past. He currently lives and works in Curitiba (PR), his hometown. Juan Parada works with galleries, sculptures, urban interventions and space insertions. Develop research on three-dimensionality, time-space relations and architectural dialogues. Experience intersection between art circuits, and create works that operate both in own circuits, as in institutional spaces, galleries, museums, etc. The multiple character of his research to the crossing result of several fields, such as design, botany and architecture. His works do not close in on themselves, celebrate relations with the context and overflow to the world, suggesting processuality, impermanence and instability, always seeking paradoxical situations in their own language.