Lin Mo

Lin Mo was born in Harbin, China and graduated from Luxun Academy of Fine Arts in 1984. In 1985, Lin joined the North Arts group. In 1986, he was engaged in testing Chinese ink and wash painting creation in Beijing. In May 1989, he organized the Parallel Exhibition of Survivor Poetry Recitation in Central Academy Of Drama in Beijing. He studied at the University of Barcelona in 1990, and then immigrated to Spain. In 1996, he served as the vice president of Spain-Chinese International Cultural Exchange Association. At the same time, he set up the Lin Mo Castle Art Studio in Europe. In 2007, he returned to Beijing to set up the studio in Dongying. In 2009, the studio was moved to Songzhuang, China. In 2011, he published the book The Voyage to Encounter Myself. Lin has held individual exhibitions and joint exhibitions in China, Spain, France, Italy and the United States. Now he works in Beijing and Paris. His exhibitions in recent years include: 2017 The 35th Madrid Arch Expo, Miguel Marcos Gallery, Madrid; Helsinki Art Fair, MDA Gallery, Sweden; “Yellow Delta”, Malaga, Spain; “Love from Beijing”, MDA Gallery, Helsingborg, Sweden; “Abstraction”, Miguel Marcos Gallery,Barcelona.