Liu Shuang

Liu Shuang was born in 1988 in Harbin, China and graduated from China CentralAcademy of Fine Arts in 2013. She is a promising new artist in China. She won an award as one of the top 12 designers of “Chinese Design Elite” in 2016. Her artworks incorporate multiple artistic presentation methods including installation art, architecture design and sculpture. Most of her researches were focused on the substantial and spiritual culture, exploring the line between reality and illusion. Recent exhibitions include Art Beijing in National Agricultural Exhibition Center, Beijing, China; “Limitless Code” in Joy Space, Beijing, China; “PINK+” in EGG Gallery, Beijing, China (2016); “Light Cosmos” in Temple Gallery, Beijing, China(2017).

Her art project is an illusionary space which conducts dialogue with the reality. As light penetrates through the interfaces, the interaction between reflection and transparency distorts the recognition of reality. The images are constantly reacting to its surroundings. She created a space which stimulates thoughts on the definition of space, time, people, incidents, relation, border and essence, eventually leading to contemplation on one’s meaning of existence. The presence and imagination of audiences / participants are part of the project, which co-creates the space. Visitors meet here and now, in and between a physical and unrealreality.Ifillusionsareallreal,whatyouseeiswhatyouare.