Manoela Cavalinho

Manoela Cavalinho (Porto Alegre, 1981). During the Master’s Degree in Contemporary Subjectivity Studies (PUC-SP), he started attending live model classes at EAV-Parque Lage (2007). From these classes of live model he began to attend free arts courses between Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. In 2010 he moved to Pelotas where he attended drawing and painting classes at UFPel. He entered the visual arts (UFRGS) in 2011. In that time of college he researched ceramics, photography and painting and, for some years, studied butoh dance. Among the participations in exhibitions won ‘highlight’ in the 19th Salon Chico Lisbon, and participated in some collective exhibitions, among the most recent are in the Studio- MARGS / Porto Alegre, 2017; Record no1. Casa Baka / Porto Alegre, 2017 and the 2nd Poetic New and the 3rd Poetic New, respectively in the Hall of UFRJ and Museum of the Future / Curitiba, 2016. He held an individual at the Culture Secretariat of Pelotas in 2012.