Nury González

Nury González, 1960, Visual Artist, ¨Professor at Universidad de Chile
Exhibits in Chile and abroad since 1985.
Highlights: 4th and 11th Biennial of Havana; 9th Biennial of La Paz; 4th Biennial of Valencia; 1st Biennial of Mercosur; 1st Biennial of Shanghai; 29th Biennial of Pontevedra.
Collective exhibits in Chile, Latin America, Europe and Asia.


Her work addresses stories, historical or fiction, which attest to an autobiographical tradition of uprooting, major tragedies, such as war and exile, and what might be called “historical instability.” Her references stem from the search, rescue and forced fixation of barely audible oral stories, from homely crafts, from stories as heroic as they are private, from archival documents, from phrases searched for in books. Photographs, documents and objects treasured by her ancestors, carried along and displaced through frontiers until their by-chance arrival in Chile, allow her to interweave to memory and to reconstruct or imagine-tell to plausible story, even the possibility of having a story.

Her work establishes thematic, procedural and technical crossroads between the practices that determine the feminine and particularized space of what is private and those discourses and practices that are determined as a paradigm of the political and historical space of what is public.