Tao Na

Tao Na was born in 1980 in Hunan Province, China. She gratuated from the School of Architecture, Central Academy of Fine Arts of China with a bachelor’s degree in 2005, and in 2009 she was offered a master’s degree by the same school. Now she is the director of the Department of Fine Arts in Sino-Canadian Concord College, China. She was the youngest artist in the exhibition of China Pavilion of 13th International Architecture Exhibition of Venice Biennale, Italy. Since 2000, she has been the winner of many awards of international exhibitions. She has put on three solo exhibitions, two double exhibitions and more than sixty group exhibitions. She was the winner of seven international and home exhibitions, and thirteen Chinese patents. In the past seven years, she has been anactiveartistinallactivitiesorganizedbytheMinistryofCultureofthePRC,such as in European Center of Modern Fine Arts, National Art Musuem of China, Taiwan Musuem of Fine Arts, Moscow MOMA, Chinese Pavilion of International Archtecture Exhibition of Venice Biennale, and the France Musuem of Asian Fine Arts. She has published two catalogs of her works: Displace and Tao Na. Her works have been collected by many art musuems, fundations and individuals.