Wang Kaifang

Wang Kaifang, born in Beijing in 1967 and graduated from Department of Architecture, Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture in 1991, is a famous crossover artist, architect and designer in China. In nearly 30 years of his creation, Wang Kaifang has completed more than 300 crossover works in various fields, including sculpture, installation, photography, calligraphy, oil painting, architecture, interior design, planning, gardening, furniture, costume design, graphic design, product design and jewelry design. He is recognized by a lot of honorary titles, including Chinese Designer of the Year and the Most Influential Artist. In 2011, Cockroach, one of his conceptual artworks, was carried by Shenzhou VIII spacecraft and successfully connected to Heavenly Palace 1. This was the first space travel of China’s contemporary art. In 2013, his exhibition “From the Universe – Wang Kaifang Digital Art Exhibition” became the first digital sculpture exhibition of the National Art Museum of China (NAMOC). In addition, many of his works are collected by authoritative institutions, including NAMOC, Centre Pompidou, and Austria Pavilion of EXPO 2010. His masterpieces include Galaxy K, Gold Brick and Wind, which are digital sculpture series. Wang Kaifang combines philosophical thought and scientific methods based on the “evolving oriental cosmology” to carry out his independent art practice in projects around the world. In this way, he explores the development of society and civilization in the artform.