Wu Weishan

Wu Weishan, a renowned artist with works exhibited in more than 20 countries, is Professor, PhD, President of the Department of Fine Arts of the National Academy of Art, President of the Academy of Sculpture of China, Director of the Institute of Fine Arts University of Nanjing, PhD advisor in Fine Arts, Design and Science of Religion, Honorary Fellow of the Chinese University of Hong Kong and honoris causa in Philosophy of Inje University of South Korea.


Since 2014, he is director of the National Art Museum of China, the NAMOC. Wu Weishan has more than 40 published articles and is dedicated to the dissemination of Chinese culture through sculpture. He is responsible for founding the freestyle of modern Chinese sculpture, being the first to use this nomenclature and to classify Chinese sculpture in 8 main styles.

In the Najing Museum there is a permanent gallery of works by Wu Weishan and at the Polytechnic Institute of Macao there is a sculpture studio of the artist.


1998 – Working as a professor at the University of Nanjing, he founded the Sculpture Art Research Center, where he acted as a postdoctoral adviser in religious studies, fine arts and design.


2000 – Acted as lecturer and lecturer at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and won the “Bao Yugang Outstanding Artist” award.


2002 – Won the “Gong Xuevin Outstanding Scholar” award.


2003 – Founded the Academy of Fine Arts of Nanjing University.


2007 – Became director of the Chinese Academy of Sculpture and director of the Committee of Urban Sculpture of China.


2009 – Became director of the Fine Arts Research Center of the National Academy of Arts by the Ministry of Culture. He received the UK Pangolin Award and the “RRC Award of the Year of Chinese Art”.


2012 – “Sculpting the Soul of a Nation” – Exhibition at United Nations Headquarters in New York and National Museum of Rome.


2014 – Exhibition passes to the Pohang Museum of Art in South Korea. Then, his works are permanently exhibited at NAMOC and Wu Weishan becomes director of the establishment.


2017 – He presented a sculpture of Pierre de Coubertin to the International Olympic Committee.