Birgitte Tümmler

Danish Birgitte Tümmler herself is a visual artist, so she understands the artist’s sensitive soul and seeks to show the audience the essence of it. He curated collective exhibitions of a preservation and cultural nature such as “Rediscovering Brazil 2016” (Espaço Cinco Elementos and Quintana Gastronomia), “Todas as Cores” (2016, Mezzanino Restaurant). And in 2017 of the individual “Daniel Conrade” (Museu Paranaense), in Quintana Gastronomy with “Luminescences” (by Daniel Castellano), “Fossil Futuro” (by Rogério Borges), “Plenitude em Pontos” Illuminados “(by Aline Albuquerque),” Cerâmica (by Gilberto Narciso) “and” Papel “(by Osvalter Urbinati).