Fang Zhenning

The Chinese Contemporary Architecture Exhibition began to take shape during our visit to Curitiba in April. I walked in the city, and I absorbed all the details of this ecological city nominated by the United Nations. It is so impressive that I started to ponder on introducing the achievements of Chinese architecture to Brazil. As the curator, I am more than delighted to see support from both China and Brazil that realizes the exhibition.

As the theme of Curitiba Biennial 2017 stated, China and Brazil are “antipodes” diametrically opposite to each other with China in the eastern and northern hemisphere, and Brazil in the western and southern hemisphere. This exhibition and people-to-people exchange is a valuable opportunity for the audience in Curitiba to know about Chinese architects, their extraordinary talent shown in the unprecedented development of China and their contribution to the improvement of Chinese urban and rural architecture.

We selected 80 representative Chinese contemporary architecture programs of the 21st century, including some foreign architects drawn to the urbanization of China. I believe these works will be known and furthermore, be remembered.