Tício Escobar

He is a curator, teacher, art critic, cultural promoter and director of the Museum of Indigenous Arts at the Visual Arts Center in Asunción, Paraguay. From 1991 to 1996, he was Director of Culture of the city of Asuncion. He is president of the Paraguayan Chapter of the International Association of Art Critics. He is also a member of the Board of PhD in Philosophy, in the area of ​​Aesthetics and Theory of Art of the University of Chile. He has published several titles on Paraguayan and Latin American art. Among his distinctions, it is worth mentioning the last one: the Bartolomé de las Casas Prize, received from the Princes of Asturias and awarded ex aequo by the Casa da América in Madrid for his contributions to the development of indigenous culture. Among his individually published books are: An interpretation of the visual arts in Paraguay, two volumes, from the Collection of the Americas, Assunção (1982; 1984); The myth of art and the myth of the pueblo, from RP editions and Museu do Barro, Asunción (1986); Mission: ethnocide, of the Commission for Solidarity with Indigenous Peoples, Asunción (1988); Various Texts on Culture, Transition and Modernity, Spanish Agency for International Cooperation, Asunción (1992); The beauty of the others – indigenous art from Paraguay, da RP and Museu do Barro, Asunción (1993); On Culture and Mercosur, from Editora Dom Bosco / Ñandutí lives, Asunción (1995); Art in global times, from Don Bosco Publishing House, Asunción (1997); The curse of Nemur. About the art, myth and ritual of the indigenous Ishir del Gran Chaco Paraguayo, of the Visual Arts Center – Museu do Barro, Asunción (1999); The art out of itself, the Center for Visual Arts – Clay Museum, Fondec, Asunción (2004).