AIREZ Gallery

It has space reserved for the continuous creation of artists residing within the gallery in workspace and studio. It has an artistic residence program, for the reception of national and international artists in a period of one month for immersion in the process of expansion of poetry. It is the headquarters of the “Praxis”, groups of production and reflection on artistic process that meet weekly. It includes the AIREZ Collective, which brings a cut of the independent contemporary production, selected through national convocation and presented annually through exhibition and catalog. Six new media and lens-based art artists are selected annually for individual exhibition and gallery representation. AIREZ also has permanent exhibitions of artists at its headquarters.

Rua Treze de Maio 778, cj. 15.  Esquina com a Rua Trajano Reis. Bairro São Francisco.
Horário de visitação: De segunda a sexta-feira, das 13h às 19h.

+55 41 3088 7561

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