Gallery and Studio SOMA

SOMA Galeria inaugurates its new space hosting the Rizoma exhibition, with artists participating in the UM.ARTISTA program of the Arte 1 channel, created by Markus Avaloni. Maria Laet, Marcone Moreira, Janaína Mello, João Angelini, Pedro França, Fábio Magalhães and Pedro Ivo Verçosa integrate their works of different languages in the reopening of this place that thinks the art through experimentation.

From this perception we propose a curatorial concept that accompanies the pluralist essence of contemporary production. As Arthur Danto, an American philosopher and critic who wrote about the end of art appropriate to modern molds, said the main function of curation is to exercise its pedagogical character, so we shift the curator’s role to the public and to the work of the artist, so as to Break the paradigms of modernity and reinvent new possibilities for the enjoyment of art.

Rua Brigadeiro Franco 2137

99600 3733

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