Public Library of Paraná

Founded on March 7, 1857, the Public Library of Paraná – BPP has already passed thirteen venues. Since 1954, it is located in the Center of Curitiba, in a historical building of 8.5 thousand square meters, registered by the Cultural Patrimony.

It has a collection of about 600 thousand volumes, among books, periodicals, photographs and multimedia materials. It receives about 3 thousand people and carries out 1,5 thousand loans daily. It offers special attention to children and the visually impaired. In addition to providing the population with access to reading, BPP also has a cultural program comprised of film screenings, art exhibitions, weekly poetry meetings, storytelling, literary creation workshops and monthly chats with writers adult and child-juvenile literature.

Biblioteca Pública do Paraná – Rua Cândido Lopes – Centro, Curitiba – PR

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