Simões de Assis Art Gallery

Simões de Assis Art Gallery, founded in Curitiba in 1984 by Waldir Simões de Assis Filho architect, is focused on modern and contemporary art. In addition to exhibitions held in their spaces, the gallery develops projects in partnership with museums, collaborating in organizing and curating exhibitions of the artists represented. Abraham Palatnik, Alfredo Volpi, Angelo Venosa, Arcangelo Ianelli, Ascanio MMM, Bernard Frize, Bruno Giorgi, Carmelo Arden Quin, Celia Euvaldo, Cicero Dias, Eduardo Sued, Elizabeth Jobim, Gonçalo Ivo, Iole de Freitas, José Bechara, Jaildo Marino Manfredo of Souzanetto, Marcos Coelho Benjamin, Siron Franco and Tomie Ohtake are some of the artists that the gallery exhibited throughout its career, holding many works in its collection

Al. D. Pedro II, 155 – Batel – Curitiba – PR

+55 41 3232 2315

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